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...j u n e 8 t h

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SLUG WIFE / MethLab / Ninja Tune / Division

Since exploding onto the scene in 2008, Broken Note have followed a path of unrelenting sonic carnage across the globe and cemented their uniquely heavy sound as an iconic mark on electronic music today.

A highly sought-after musical force, Broken Note stands at the forefront of well-crafted heavy music: Folding cinematic sound design and towering bass around aggressive beats informed by dubstep, metal and dark drum n bass. Seamlessly shifting between tempos, they draw from the bleak sonic aesthetics of the industrial landscape to deliver astonishing heaviness that’s as razor sharp at clubs and festivals as it is in the vast, dilapidated warehouses of the underground.



In The Face / Off Me Nut / Night Bass

Gash & Hadean have been slaying clubs and festivals for years, hot from playing Boomtown Fair they will not disappoint. Head honcho of In The Face Records, Gash combines bassline and rave to bring some serious noise to the dance. Hadean has had releases on Night Bass & Off Me But Records among others and when the two get together no dance is safe from the bouncy bass.




Creator of WE ARE MAD, co-founder of Imaginarium Events and one half of the Voodoo Lynch Mob, Father Lynch with his brother in arms Voodootronix step up for a no holds barred VLM excursion. Known for their blistering fast mixing, full on drum and bass sessions and creative bass music selections they will be dropping filth. The Mob have bust up the dance at the likes of Boomtown, Leefest/Neverworld, Isle Of White festival, Rumpus and a whole list of club nights in London.



Acoustic Chemistry

RERUN and B!SHB@SHBOSH represent the Surrey based sound system and promotion outfit Acoustic Chemistry. With history in the underground dating back to the turn of the millennium, these two draw on years of experience across the full spectrum of bass music and have been seen independently and featuring as a double act across the UK at venues ranging from local bootiques, and major London clubs to festivals such a Boomtown and Secret Garden Party.



HEXclusive London set

What is HEX? HEX is a new genre of electronic music created by the minds of Roman and Skaggy, combining elements of the spectrum of rave music to make what can only be described as...HEX! They have performed at the likes of Balter and Bnagface and this Hexclusive set will the first of its kind on and London club ever. We are blessed to bear witness to the birth of this new sound.




Multibass mashup master, Imaginarium resident and all around badass DJ Neopink will be bringing her 130 to 180 bpm buffet selection with the finest choice cuts ready to feed your ears. Regular in the alternative scene having played Rumpus, From the Flames and far too many more to count expect some pitch shifting wizardry and expect the unexpected.