There is a lot going on in the world... war, terrorism, nuclear threats, refugee crises, climate change, pollution, Government corruption not to mention arguably the most powerful country in the world in the hands of an orange man baby.


But there is also a great deal going on at home (but not exclusive too), some of which are only getting worse. Rise in mental health problems, rise in youth gang violence, homelessness and poverty issues, teenage suicide at an all-time high, rise in influence of the far-right, discrimination in all its racial and gender forms. Also, there is a thing called Brexit going on? We’ll just leave that one there.


But there are organizations out there trying to do their bit to make things better and help those in need, some of whom are not able to help themselves. This is were MAD comes in. We aim to get people together, rave for charity, party for a cause, and raise funds to donate to those organizations helping humans who are in a worse place then we are.

Together we can go from trying to Make A Difference, to Making A Difference.